About our Art Competitions

Competition must be natural.
Competition must be enjoyable.
Competition must be always positive.
Competition must be talent bound not time bound.
Competition must improve a child’s brain & release stress not to distress them.
Competition must be to show-case your talent & gaining more knowledge not winning prizes.

Cultivating Art conducts annual art competitions at district and state level themed on national programs of Government of India.  Primarily these events are conducted during national festivals like - Independence Day, Republic Day etc.

Our art events are aimed to promote Government of India’s prestigious programs for children and educating them for better future of India. At the same time indulge them into art by letting them look, learn, draw, paint, create, make, and share their creations with world.


Following are the main objectives of all our competitions:

  • Helping students to compete at state level in a stress-free environment.
  • Annual Competitions for children to prepare and improve their skills every year.
  • Know-how to the parents on stress-free competitions who are fed up with highly competitive entrance exams, worrying too much for marks percentages every day.
  • Inspire kids to paint their dream along with amazing support and encouragement.
  • Recognize and hone their skills to develop their passion into a career choice.
  • Student Art Profiles will be published online accessible across the globe.
  • Winner’s Art work will be published to showcase their quality strengths worldwide.
  • Creative platform for school children, budding artists, amateur artists, art teachers, and schools.
  • Platform for children to learn, practice, compete, perform, and gain from their hidden talents.
  • School Art Profiles will be published online accessible across the globe.
  • Additional extra-curricular activities for students.
  • Improving parent-child relationship by engaging discussions about this event at home.
  • Improve Visualization skills in children.


Every artist was first an amateur -- Ralph Waldo Emerson