About Cultivating Art

Cultivating Art = Not for profit
Cultivating Art = Works only for Art
Cultivating Art = Unbiased, professional people
Cultivating Art = Collaboration of like-minded people
Cultivating Art = no sponsors, no promotions, no bribes, no chief guests, no time waste
Cultivating Art = Accepts - everything, all suggestions, all children, all teachers, all principals, all schools

Cultivating Art is a non-profit organization created by a group of people from different walks of life, including  professional artists, amateur artists, concerned parents, and like-minded people with single motto - "give back to society - specially to the school going children where they are not enjoying the real life by using more technology and less nature"

Mission of Cultivating Art is:
  • Enlighten school children about value of art, importance of art in life, and future of art
  • Conduct training workshops, orientation programs, art camps etc. for school children to teach them different forms of arts like - drawing, painting, coloring, sculpturing, etc.
  • Engage them in arts continuously throughout their life
  • Moving them far away from harmful habits like - playing with gadgets hurling radioactive waves into their skin and brain.
  • Create a platform for children to learn, practice, compete, perform, gain from their hidden talents.

We actively engage hundreds of schools around Telangana every year and welcome all children and young people from 3-16 years old to engage, look, learn, draw, paint, create and make, and share their creations with us.

With friends, partnerships and gut determination, we have worked hard to expand the opportunities we have to offer to children, their families, and schools.

Cultivating Art wants to bring art into normal life of kids and create awareness of importance of learning outside of the classroom i.e. in nature.

We welcome any parent or teacher or principal or school who would like to volunteer to share their experience, knowledge to improve our activities, help children grow in more healthy way, enhance life skills for young children and whatever they feel they can serve the society with us.


Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. -- Thomas Merton