2nd Telangana State Level Drawing Competition - 2019

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Updated on 22 September 2019:

Marvelous end to the 2nd Telangana State-level Drawing Competition -2019 with the Prize Distribution Ceremony today at Santinos Global School; almost all the winners were present with their parents, teachers, school principals, and management. Remaining District Level Winners will be awarded with a Memento and Appreciation Certificate. Cultivating Art thanks everyone who was present today to make it a great success for the Art. This definitely refuels us to make better plans for next Art Events. We also thank all those parents and teachers for providing their valuable feedback and we will definitely look into that in the most constructive way. Couple of winners who missed today, your mementos and certificates are on the way to reach your school.

Here are some HD Quality photos to cherish for all the winners.

See you all 10,000 participants again next year with 3rd Edition of Telangana State-level Drawing Competition. Until then play with colors, enjoy the life, and improve your creative skills.



Updated on: 17th September 2019

We are pleased to announce final results of State Level Winners of this event. All these State Level winners will be felicitated with Cash Prize, a Memento and Certificate of Excellence. Remaining District Level Winners will be awarded with a Memento and Appreciation Certificate.

Please download complete list of STATE LEVEL WINNERS here in PDF format.
All the state level winners must carry their School Identity Card for the award ceremony. We request your gracious presence at Prize Distribution Ceremony on:

Sunday, 22nd September 2019 at 11:00am

Santinos Global School,

Road # 1, New Nandi Hills Colony,
Meerpet (0.5 km from TKR college),

LB Nagar, Hyderabad

Google Map link: https://goo.gl/maps/qKPFW2QdPLFymfkt6

Please call: 8341700716 or 9849733306 for any clarifications

Please click here for photos of State Level Event conducted @ Siddhartha Public School



Updated on: 7th September 2019

We are pleased to invite all the District Level Winners from your school to compete at state level event on:


Siddhartha Public School,
Beside AVI Clinics,
Boduppal Road, Uppal,

Google Map link: https://goo.gl/maps/qKPFW2QdPLFymfkt6

Please call: 8341700716 or 9849733306 for any clarifications

Topics are same for all categories, but participants need to come up with new creative ideas on the same topic (same drawing will not be considered). All participants need to bring their own coloring material, only drawing sheets will be provided. Duration for this event is 60 minutes. Remaining terms and conditions are same as mentioned in our brochure. Look forward to all the district level winners competing at this event.



Updated on 5th September 2019:

HUGE SUCCESS!!! We are very glad to have nearly 10,000 school children participating in this event. At the school level, we have facilitated more than 1,000 children with medals and merit certificates. It is really a great effort from schools and parents to be part of this event and indulging kids into natural arts. Our objective of making these kids away from mobile phones for 1 hour a day for 30 days has been successfully accomplished with all credit going to the children, parents, teachers, principals, and school management.

Our special thanks to the management of: Santinos Global School (Nandi Hills), Glendale Academy (Rajendra Nagar), Joy School (Miyapur), Foster Billabong High International School (Saket), Samashti International School (Kollur), and Raman High School (Warangal) - for allowing us to conduct District Level Competitions at their school premises. We are very thankful to all the school representatives who helped us on district level event days to make it successful. We greatly appreciate all your unconditional support to these events.

Cultivating Art is pleased to announce District Level Winners across Telangana.
At School Level - we have awarded medals based on the number of participants in each category. And to talk about numbers, we got more than 3,000 participants in Category 2 (Classes 1 to 2), more than 2,500 participants in Category 3 (Classes 3 to 4), more than 1,500 participants in Category 4 (Classes 5 to 6), and more than 1,200 little cute participants in Category 1 (Pre School).  

The talent, skill, creativity, and confidence among all these participants are exceptionally high and the competition is very immense. At District Level - more than 1,000 medallions participated with proportionately more numbers from above categories.  Hence we have followed the same approach as School Level to select winners at District as well as State Level.

Please note hat, the objective of this event is purely to promote art in school children and nothing to do with any commercial activity or any association with anyone. Hence the winners here are purely based on their talent with respect to proportional number of participants from each category.

You can download the complete list here in PDF format.

You can download the complete brochure of the event here in PDF Format.