Warangal Open Art Competition - 2019

An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one. Charles Cooley


Updated on Sunday, 20th January 2019

Heartiest thanks to everyone who turned up on the event day and supported us in the SUPER SUCCESS of "Warangal Open Art Competition - 2019".

Sunday, 20th January 2019 is one of the most successful day for Art lovers in Warangal in making the art do the talk with around 400 talented artists participated at "Warangal Open Art Competition - 2019".

We appreciate all the parents, art teachers, schools for encouraging children to indulge into arts, spending time with colors, compete with natural skills thus moving away from addictive smart phone gaming technologies and hazardous radiation.

Everyone is a winner here. We congratulate all the participants, their parents, their teachers, and all those who supported us in winning this noble cause.

We are pleased to announce "Top Performers" at "Warangal Open Art Competition - 2019".

We are also pleased to announce Best School trophy for encouraging artistic talents in school children, motivating them to participate in art competitions to exhibit their creative work to the world and immense support by inspiring maximum  number of talented artists to compete at Warangal Open Art Competition - 2019.

Category - 2:
Moluguri Srithanvi

Category - 3:
P. Dhanesh
Kondoju Keerthana
M. Akshay Mithra
V. Aishwarya

Category - 4:
A. Isaac Samuel Chowdhery
G. Shauryan Reddy
M. Arjun Reddy
RA Shivani

Category - 5:
Dubbaka Sathwik
Nakka Prabhukiran
Maidam Vasavi
U. Navanikanth

Category - 6:
P. Pranavinath
Bharath Nemulipuli

Category - 7:
S. Pruthvi Raj
Srikar Rama
Maidam Vasavi
Bairi Yashashwini

Best School:
(for maxmum number of participants from a School)
Lotus National School

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Updated on 1 December 2018:

First time in the history of Warangal, it is happening now, an Open Competition for Art!!!

(based on the success of Hyderabad Open Art Competition)

To find best artistic talents in our own city - Warangal, to encourage all budding artists, explore ideas from school children, and to give a platform for everyone to exhibit their inner talents, Cultivating Art is organizing "Warangal Open Art Competition - 2019" for all art lovers, on the occasion of Republic Day.

Warangal Open Art Competition will be conducted in 7 different categories from Pre School children to Men and Women of all ages divided into follwoing categories:

Category 1 - Pre-school
Category 2 - Classes 1 to 2
Category 3 - Classes 3 to 4
Category 4 - Classes 5 to 6
Category 5 - Classes 7 to 8
Category 6 - Classes 9 to 10
Category 7 - Men & Women of all ages.

In Art, everyone is a winner; hence all participants in this competition will get high quality Crayons / Water Colors as a reward and a personalized name printed Participation Certificate.

Top performers in every category, in the ratio of 1:25, will be awarded with merit certificate and trophies. Exceptional art work will be rewarded with Certificate of Excellence.

Exceptional art work will be rewarded with Certificate of Excellence.

Best Participant School will be awarded for a school with maximum number of participants.


Theme: "Celebrating Republic Day"
Medium: Crayons for Category 1 to 3, and Water Colors for Category 4 to 7.

Assessment / Judgment will be done on: Technicality - Colors, Shades, Mode; Theme, & Creativity.


Important Dates:

15th January 2019 - Last date for registrations

20th January, 2019 - Sunday @ 10:30am - Warangal Open Art Competition

Venue: Public Garden, Hanamkonda, Warangal.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Entry fee is Rs. 100/- (Rupees One Hundred Only).

      a. Category 1 - High quality A4 size printed sheet will be given.

      b. Category 2-7: High quality A3 size drawing sheet will be given.

      c. Crayons / Water Colors will be given based on Category.

2. Last date for submission of entries - 15th January 2019.

3. Spot Registration fee is Rs. 150/- Name printed Participation Certificate will be couriered within 10 days after the event for all spot registrants.

      a. Additional fee is only for courier cost + handling charges.

4. Time duration is strictly 90 minutes only.

5. Art work submission counters will be closed at 12noon sharp.

6. Participants must get all their material like drawing pads, paint palette, pencils, eraser, scale, sharpener, water bottles etc.

7. Parents are not allowed inside to help children but allowed as participants of Category 7.

      a. We strongly encourage all parents to give a try and experience what their kids are enjoying.


8. Prizes will be announced by 1:00pm on the same day and will be distributed immediately.

9. Judges decision will be final without any further jurisdiction.

10. No comparisons or discussions or explanations entertained on Judges' decision.

11. We are an independent trust having no association with any school or organization - we do ONLY unbiased judgment.

12. Due to any unforeseen reasons, if any changes with date or venue, all participants must adhere and cooperate with the organizers.

13. Participation Certificate, mementoes will be given on same day.      

14. Merit Certificates & Certificate of Excellence will be sent by post within 10 days after competition date.

15. For any queries, call us on: +91-83417-00716 or email at: art@cultivatingart.in or visit at: www.cultivatingart.in

16. This is a NOT FOR PROFIT event to make children play with nature. So, please co-operate with us in promoting art in school kids.

17. As this is an outdoor event, please prepare yourself like - carrying water bottles, snacks, additional things for small kids etc.